Relationship cultivation among three generations in Chinese families – Leader Set (Mandarin eBook)



Relationship cultivation among three generations in Chinese families – Leader Set

Presence Family Series – Relationship cultivation among three generations in Chinese families 

Complaints, misunderstandings, and even harm occur in family relationships, often because the way of expressing love is inappropriate and healthy boundaries are not set, making it impossible to convey love effectively. Dr. Ip will discuss different skills in intergenerational relationship interaction from the following four aspects to make relationships more intimate and harmonious.

  • Learn your family’s love languages
  • Setting boundaries for healthy relationships
  • Balancing between parental respect and nurturing independence in children
  • Learn not to say hurtful words to your family

Leader Set Includes:

  • 4 Downloadable video teaching materials (6 Hours)for the above topics(Mandarin)
  • One copy of  Student workbook (e-book)
  • One copy of Leader Guide (e-book)
  • 17 selected Blog articles (in the Student Workbook)

Item #: PA-M4-MB1


  • Respect copyright regulations; each Leader Guide and Student Workbook is for individual use only.
  • All students must order a separate Student Workbook. There is also a Student Group Discount available (7-12 persons).
  • Each leader may reuse their Leader Guide; however, additional guides are needed for co-led groups.
  • For subsequent groups led by the same leader, the Leader set could be reused, but all new students must order separate Student Workbooks.
  • Upon payment confirmation, a download link will be provided via email.
  • Invitation of Dr. Agnes Ip for a Zoom  (or in-person) Professional Q&A session (90 minutes each session) after completing the course series is available upon request (additional fee applies).

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