The 7 Seasons of Men


Cantonese version, mp3 to download.

Topics include:

  • 10 life goals for men and women
  • Barriers to growth for men
  • Evaluating one’s satisfaction in eight areas of life
  • Identifying and solving today’s biggest life challenge
  • Causes and effects of stress in life
  • How age relates to happiness
  • Dealing with challenges in switching gender roles
  • How our values impact our satisfaction
  • A man’s stages of spiritual growth
  • Strengthening one’s marriage and family

Speaker: Hosted by seasoned Marriage and Family Therapist Dr. Agnes Ip. This course is based on the publication, “The Seasons of A Man’s Life,” by a Yale University psychology professor, and combined with Dr. Ip’s experience in counseling and spiritual guidance. It aims to help men explore various challenges in life, analyze gains and losses in different life stages, and reorganize one’s life direction to improve one’s marriage and greater spiritual growth.