Disciplining Your Children without Hitting or Yelling – Group Study Package (Mandarin)



Group Study Package (Mandarin)

A Presence “Down-to-Earth” parenting education course- Discipling Your Children without Hitting or Yelling

Course Highlights: 

  • Tailored for families with young children, church communities, and small groups.
  • Effective communication strategies to foster your children’s self-esteem and self-regulation, nurturing independence and well-being .
  • Cultivate obedience in your children without resorting to hitting or yelling.

Course Overview:

  • Cultivating Positive Behavior
  • Maximizing Efforts for Effective Results
  • Achieving Success in Both Short and Long-Term Goals

Group Study Package  Includes:

  • 3 Downloadable MP4 video lessons sessions of  270   min for the above topics.
  • One copy of Student Workbook (e-book)
  • One copy of Leader Guide (e-book)
  • Course promotional poster (PPT)
  • 7 -12 Student Workbooks (e-book) (for up to 12 students)


  • Respect copyright regulations; each Leader Guide and Student Workbook is for individual use only.
  • All students must order a separate student workbook. There is also a Student Group Discount available (7-12 persons). 
  • Each leader may reuse their Leader Guide; however, additional guides are needed for co-led groups.
  • For subsequent groups led by the same leader, the Leader set could be reused, but all new students must order separate Student Workbooks.
  • Upon payment confirmation, a download link will be provided via email.
  • Invitation of Dr. Agnes Ip for a Zoom  (or in-person) Professional Q&A session (90 minutes each session) after completing the course series is available upon request (additional fee applies).

Other Products recommended :

  • Leader Guide
  • Student Workbook

**Other Recommended Presence Courses:

Leaders are encouraged to take  “Heart to Heart – Empathetic Group Facilitation Training (EGFT)” to learn how to effectively facilitate the group with skills and empathy, enhancing the sharing and connection within the group.